[UC] Better license plates

Are you tired of almost every car having "SY RZ 888" license plate?
Do you want something more original?
Then fear not, my "better license plate" is for you!
(work still in progress, all license plates are made depending to the driver of the car, changelog and all cars that affected in the mod will be below)

  • Tiger (classic, boss and police)
  • Cerbero (classic, boss and police)
  • Bereitgestellt von: Russian Federation meloman-rrr
  • Hochgeladen am: 05.08.2021
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Its cool 8/10
Okay, the reason this doesn't updates because i don't have ideas for numbers of license plates (i do them depending on character), and also, i don't have the game to check the results, i can download it, but i don't have enough space on my hard drive (it's pretty small, and i need everything that is in it), so.. later, i guess
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